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Trail of Factoids.
1. Copy these instructions and the list below into your own LJ.
2. Add your name at the TOP of the list.
3. Include one fact about yourself.
4. Be brief, be honest, don't worry about being interesting.

comesincolors absolutely hates wearing socks.
spikewriter sometimes wishes she could find the "redo" button. Seriously
jerrymcl89 has lived in New York for 36 years, and never been to the Statue of Liberty.
kellyhk thinks raspberries are the most disgusting food ever.
voodoo_in_tx has a very pedestrian love of processed cheese.
chenanceou is inexplicably afraid of tsunamis and often has nightmares of dying because of one.
elsaf spent nearly five years in the military (U.S. Navy) in the '70s, but still manages to be a liberal
hobbit knows she can't get another dog just yet, but has picked out a name for the next one already (Katie, if anyone is interested)
a2zmom recently ate a whole shrimp, shell and head included
way2busymom hates to peel oranges.
mad_madge is skilled at using cellophane wrap.
tracijean thinks that easter is the best candy holiday and she thinks cadbury mini eggs especially rule
culludgal still hasn't gotten over the fact that buffy has ended and angel is about to, too.
belowsurface feels nauseas from the smell of freshly cut grass.
flaterik thinks that people should use this form instead of putting their name AND 'i' in the same line.
bene - i get uber cranky if i dont get exercise
thesenorita i love back tickles
ducati five years ago i almost drowned.
nattie - i hate being locked out.
striggy i stick my tongue out when i'm concentrating.
neph13 the ocean freaks me out.
superbestia I have a weakness for redheads.
fulguritus i wear safety pins to keep me safe.
nobodobodon I am allergic to Bell Peppers
R/J kiss by jennyo

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That meme...courtesy of chrisjournal

1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 23.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the sentence in your journal along with these instructions.

But as she and her husband considered giving the occasional dinner party for family and friends, Mrs. Farmer's defenition of elegance gave Nan pause.

This is from Molly O'Neill's The Pleasure of Your Company, the subtitle of which is "How to give a dinner party without losing your mind." A good goal, I would say.